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3 reasons why Arsenal should walk away from the Caicedo deal 

3 reasons why Arsenal should walk away from the Caicedo deal 

Arsenal is likely to renew their interest in signing Moisés Caicedo after facing rejections during the January transfer window. However, it raises the question of whether the complicated and expensive negotiations are truly worthwhile.

 The 21-year-old possesses undeniable talent and would bring valuable tenacity to Arsenal’s midfield, while also providing important backup in the full-back positions. 

Nevertheless, Brighton, having made significant sales recently, are not under pressure to sell. They also have hopes of relying on Caicedo for their first-ever European campaign next season. These circumstances justify a high asking price for the player.


While his prospective switch has generated huge excitement across north London, here are three reasons why Arsenal should consider walking away from the Caicedo deal.

#1: He is too expensive

The situation becomes even more complicated for Arsenal due to their focus on prioritizing the signing of Declan Rice.

There are ongoing speculations that Brighton will demand a fee close to £100m for potential suitors of Caicedo. While Arsenal’s ownership (KSE) may have the financial capacity to meet such demands, it raises questions about whether such a significant expenditure would be a wise investment.

Mikel Arteta reportedly desires to bring in two midfielders in the summer transfer window, in addition to reinforcements at both ends of the pitch. Pursuing their primary target, Declan Rice, would require a similar level of spending, potentially limiting resources available for other crucial business.

Therefore, offering a substantial amount for a player who wants to leave his current club may not be the wisest decision, as it could hinder Arsenal’s efforts to strengthen other areas of the squad. Considering their ambitions of returning to the Champions League and challenging for the title, having depth in all positions becomes increasingly important.

While financial concerns alone should not completely rule out the move, Arsenal have shown in the past that they are willing to adapt and find alternatives (Plan B) if necessary. They may choose to do so again if the Caicedo deal proves too costly or poses obstacles to their overall recruitment strategy.

#2: A full-back purchase can work just as well

While Moisés Caicedo’s proficiency as a full-back is certainly appealing, Arsenal could address their midfield and defensive concerns by signing a versatile defender.

If Arsenal were to secure the services of Declan Rice, it would likely push Caicedo into a different position, such as a number 8 or even a full-back. Caicedo has the talent to excel in these roles, but his versatility may not be an essential requirement for the team, and there are more affordable options available who could contribute to a more successful overall transfer window.

One such option is Iván Fresneda from Real Valladolid, who is available for a low price following his team’s relegation. Additionally, Arsenal has been linked with RB Leipzig’s Mohamed Simakan, who can slot into central defensive positions.

In summary, Arsenal’s primary objective should be to acquire either “Ricedo” (Caicedo and Rice) or Rice along with a full-back. It is crucial not to allow Brighton to exploit their position and demand exorbitant fees for Caicedo. By exploring alternative options and not succumbing to pressure, Arsenal can make strategic and financially sensible decisions in the transfer market.

#3: Arsenal might be better off with a different midfield profile

Granit Xhaka performed well in an advanced position this season, despite his limited attacking abilities. However, with his imminent departure, it presents an opportunity for Arsenal to seek a more naturally offensive player as his successor.

There have been instances where the manager has experimented with two attack-minded central midfielders, and Caicedo could potentially adapt to such a role due to his impressive passing range and work rate. 

However, it’s important to note that Caicedo is not known for being a major creative force. His defensive instincts are sharp, but he may not contribute significantly to unlocking the team’s full attacking potential. In this context, it might be more desirable to prioritize a ready-made attacker who can capitalize on the numerous scoring opportunities created by the team.

By pursuing a more naturally offensive player, Arsenal can enhance their frontline and make the most of the scoring chances they create, especially with Granit Xhaka’s departure creating an opening for a new midfielder with a stronger attacking prowess.

3 reasons why Arsenal should walk away from the Caicedo deal 


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