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3 reasons why Arsenal will win the Premier League this season

3 reasons why Arsenal will win the Premier League this season

The 2023/24 season began with high hopes for Arsenal, and for the most part, they have lived up to those expectations. 

Currently, they hold the third position in the Premier League, trailing leaders Manchester City by just one point.

However, this impressive standing conceals a lackluster performance on the field. In contrast to the previous season, Arsenal is consistently falling short of dominating opponents, appearing more disjointed in offensive situations. This unexpected turn of events has tempered the enthusiasm of the fans.


Nevertheless, football ultimately revolves around results, and in that aspect, the club hasn’t experienced a significant decline compared to the previous season. 

Their current point tally of 27 is only four points worse than it was after 12 matches in the 2022/23 season.

3 reasons why Arsenal will win the Premier League this season

Therefore, Arsenal is in a favorable position to break a two-decade-long streak of disappointment, and I have three reasons to support my belief that we will clinch the Premier League title this season.

A great defensive record

Sir Alex Ferguson once emphasized the significance of solid defenses in winning titles, and Mikel Arteta seems to have crafted a team that meets this criterion.

Despite receiving praise for their impressive attacking performance in the 2022/23 season, Arsenal’s defensive vulnerabilities were evident, conceding 43 goals (ten more than Manchester City) and facing setbacks due to key injuries in the backline.

However, this issue appears to be addressed now, as Arsenal has only conceded ten goals in the current campaign, sharing the top defensive record with Liverpool. Additionally, they lead in expected goals against (9.64 ‚Äď according to @xGPhilosophy), a result of their exceptional personnel and ability to control possession.

These robust statistics are not just numbers; they align with the visual assessment. William Saliba continues to excel at center-half, Takehiro Tomiyasu rarely makes mistakes, and Declan Rice has lightened their defensive load with his excellent recovery tackles in midfield.

Despite shortcomings in offensive data, these defensive foundations have propelled Arsenal to third place in the standings, instilling genuine hope for a sustained title challenge.

Equipped to handle domestic marathon

Success in the Premier League requires teams to be adaptable to change, and Arsenal has demonstrated a commendable ability to navigate the challenges of domestic competition.

Facing a combination of cautious opponents congesting the middle, world-class attacking fronts, red cards, and frequent injury setbacks, Arteta has been compelled to experiment with player selections and explore diverse methods of creating scoring opportunities, often favoring wing play. Remarkably, this adaptation hasn’t compromised the team’s competitiveness.

While this constant evolution has resulted in some less-than-enthralling matches, it has also made Arsenal less predictable and better equipped to handle various game scenarios. This adaptability should lead to a more consistent accumulation of points throughout the season, even if it has occasionally heightened supporter frustration.

The necessity for such flexibility became evident last year when a late-season decline raised concerns that Arsenal had become tactically exposed or fatigued from relying too heavily on a small group of players. Presently, the Gunners are well-equipped and prepared to face any challenges opponents may present, positioning them favorably for the ongoing campaign.

Extra 1% in every department

From the acquisition of Win to the inventive use of set-pieces, Mikel Arteta consistently goes the extra mile to tilt the fine margins in favor of Arsenal, and that slight edge could prove crucial come May.

Even the seemingly whimsical decision to bring a dog into the mix, while novelty-laden, undoubtedly contributes to the positive atmosphere at London Colney. If there’s even a slim chance that it enhances squad engagement in training, it’s considered worthwhile. This is just one seemingly small and perhaps inconspicuous detail, but Arteta’s attention to such nuances doesn’t stop there.

Arteta’s impact extends to every set-piece, having brought in Nicolas Jover to Emirates Stadium in 2021. While Jover deserves credit for our remarkable set-piece proficiency (accounting for 31% of our league goals, according to The Telegraph), the manager strategically signed “big lads” for this purpose, and their inherent physicality (a non-negotiable trait) has already secured valuable points this season.

The pursuit of ‘small gains’ is evident elsewhere, with decisions like loaning David Raya for marginal improvement over Aaron Ramsdale, transforming Ben White into a right-back, and bringing in Declan Rice for crucial leadership qualities as much as his football skills.

In summary, Arteta’s meticulous focus on the fine margins has resulted in a team exuding flair, commitment, physicality, depth, and technical expertise ‚Äď all the essential qualities for a potential title triumph.

3 reasons why Arsenal will win the Premier League this season


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