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Antonio Cassano launches shocking attack on Arsenal player who ‘struggles to kick and assist’

Antonio Cassano launches shocking attack on Arsenal player who ‘struggles to kick and assist’

Italian football legend Antonio Cassano has expressed strong criticism of Arsenal’s standout player, Jorginho, expressing his astonishment that Jorginho was once considered a potential candidate for the Ballon d’Or award.

In the 2020 European Championship, Jorginho achieved a historic milestone with the Italian national team, participating in all seven matches as they clinched the championship title.

Furthermore, that same season, he secured victory in the UEFA Champions League with his former team, Chelsea. Throughout the season, the 31-year-old made a total of 43 appearances in various competitions, contributing eight goals and supplying two assists.

Presently, Jorginho is facing a significant challenge in terms of playing time at Arsenal, particularly after the summer transfer acquisition of Declan Rice from West Ham United.

His participation has been limited to just three appearances as a substitute across various competitions, totaling a mere 17 minutes of on-field action.

Cassano has been particularly critical of the ex-Chelsea player, suggesting that the experienced midfielder encounters difficulties in controlling the ball while running.

This critique also extends to his role within the Italian national team, as hinted at by Cassano.

“Mancini performed a miracle. Before him we were mediocre but then he made many players believe they were stronger than everyone else.”

Jorginho secured a third-place finish in the 2021 Ballon d’Or rankings, trailing behind the Barcelona legend Lionel Messi and the Bayern Munich stalwart Robert Lewandowski.

Cassano hinted that, in his opinion, Jorginho may not have deserved such a high ranking in the Ballon d’Or standings.

“At a certain point in Italy there was talk of Jorginho as the Ballon d’Or winner. Do you realise? A footballer who struggles to kick and assist, without running or physique.”

Cassano concluded his assessment by emphasizing Jorginho’s ongoing struggle with limited playing time at Arsenal.

“He doesn’t play at Arsenal because they signed Rice. It’s not like they have Xavi and Iniesta. In Italy we made him a champion.”

Jorginho has earned widespread recognition as one of Europe’s top ball-playing midfielders throughout his career. During his time with his former club Chelsea, he consistently delivered impressive performances, amassing 213 appearances, 29 goals, and eight assists.

However, since his move across London to Arsenal, the Italian international has not received the amount of first-team action he likely anticipated. He is currently facing a significant challenge to displace Declan Rice in Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal lineup.

While Cassano might not hold a favorable view of Jorginho’s footballing abilities, his former Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel, has expressed a highly positive perspective.

The German coach not only praised Jorginho’s skills but also his deep passion for the game. In 2021, Tuchel conveyed his sentiments, stating (via the club’s official website):

“He is really into the game. Jorgi is always thinking about tactics, he loves to be involved in that aspect, and I feel his true love for the game. That makes him a very important player, and a huge link in the middle of the pitch, not only for us, but for Italy.”

Antonio Cassano launches shocking attack on Arsenal player who ‘struggles to kick and assist’

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