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Arsenal chief Edu disagrees with Piers Morgan over ‘bottle’ claim after title collapse

Arsenal chief Edu disagrees with Piers Morgan over ‘bottle’ claim after title collapse

Arsenal, under the guidance of Mikel Arteta, held the top position in the Premier League for a significant portion of the year. However, they were unable to maintain their lead and were surpassed by Manchester City well before the end of the season.

In the last 10 games, Arsenal experienced a significant decline, enabling City to seize control of the title race. As a result, Arsenal was left to contemplate what might have transpired differently.

Despite Arsenal’s failure to secure a top-four finish in the previous season, there were not high expectations for Mikel Arteta’s team to contend for the title this year.


However, considering their substantial lead in the league for a significant period, there is no doubt that it was a missed opportunity for Arsenal.

Following their decline in form, Arsenal fan and TV presenter Morgan expressed his disappointment with the team, accusing them of “bottling” the title race. He took to Twitter recently to voice his frustration.

He tweeted recently: “Aaron Ramsdale, who I love as a player with a proper winner’s mentality, insists it’s unfair to say Arsenal have bottled the League. But what else do we call what’s happened in the past few weeks? This is another dire display against a less talented team who just want it more.”

Morgan also tweeted after defeat to Everton previously, writing: “All over. A horribly lacklustre, passion-devoid, spiritless, pathetic performance that cements an inexplicably dismal run-in to a season which promised so much. Bottom line: we choked. #afc.”

During a recent interview with ESPN Brasil, Arsenal’s chief, Edu, was questioned about whether the club had “bottled” the title race. However, he strongly rejected such a suggestion and stood firm in his response.

“I think it needs a little more elaborate analysis,” said the Gunners’ sporting director. “My role makes me need to understand the season as a whole. Perhaps in these last five games, we had a drop in performance, which was sustaining us to fight for the title and be fighting for the title was really the consistency of performance. From the moment we had this drop in performance, we have to understand why. This is already well understood by us.”

He added: “Saying Arsenal ‘bottled’ is a word I wouldn’t use, we created our own frustration. Nobody expected us to fight for the title. You being frustrated about not winning the title is a change of mind. It could even be considered, let’s say, positive, considering times ago. In the past, we celebrated the fourth place, the third. Today, we are frustrated with the second.”

Arsenal chief Edu disagrees with Piers Morgan over ‘bottle’ claim after title collapse

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