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Arsenal discuss signing “one of the best” stars in the PL, he’d make Jesus unplayable 

Arsenal discuss signing “one of the best” stars in the PL, he’d make Jesus unplayable 

Arsenal’s interest in a highly skilled Premier League player continues, as they aim to enhance their performance in the upcoming transfer period.

Latest on Ilkay Gundogan to Arsenal

According to German outlet Kicker, Arsenal is reportedly in talks to acquire Ilkay Gundogan from Manchester City. With Granit Xhaka’s departure from Arsenal seemingly imminent, discussions have shifted towards identifying his potential replacement in the team.

 Ilkay Gundogan, a German international, is seen as a valuable option due to his contract with Manchester City expiring this summer and his current salary of £140k per week. 


However, Arsenal may hold off on making a firm move until after Gundogan’s participation in the Champions League final on Sunday. Despite Arsenal’s interest, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has expressed his desire to retain the services of the 32-year-old midfielder, who played a crucial role in their recent success on the path to securing a treble.

Despite his advancing age, the experienced maestro continues to excel both physically and mentally with each passing season. His athleticism remains intact, and his wealth of experience adds to his overall performance. This campaign, in particular, has witnessed him producing some of his finest creative displays in the Premier League, scoring crucial goals at important junctures.

However, it is his role as a facilitator within Manchester City’s system that truly deserves admiration. He operates behind the scenes, skillfully linking plays together to ensure smooth functioning of the team. 

His presence provides additional cover for Rodri, strengthening the defensive line. Moreover, Gundogan’s offensive capabilities create space for players like Kevin De Bruyne, allowing him more freedom to operate. In addition, Gundogan’s offensive threat also benefits the likes of Erling Haaland, creating opportunities for him to score goals.

If the former Borussia Dortmund maestro decides to join Arsenal, it is possible that he could play a similar role in Mikel Arteta’s midfield. His presence could potentially have a positive impact on Gabriel Jesus, bringing him closer to the level of the prolific Norwegian goal machine who has already scored 52 goals in all competitions this season.

Indeed, there is a history of the two players, having previously played together at Manchester City. During that time, the striker experienced his most prolific phase with the support of the technically-gifted superstar behind him.

Since leaving Manchester City and becoming a key figure in his current squad, the striker has gained confidence and established himself as a focal point. If he were to reunite with the former teammate at Arsenal, it’s possible that the partnership could prove lethal. Playing alongside someone who can provide him with more space and opportunities could potentially boost his goal tally and assist numbers, especially considering his debut season was marred by injuries.

The creative abilities of the Brazilian international could create a legendary partnership with Gundogan, considering the striker has already scored 11 goals in all competitions this season.

 Patrick Vieira even pointed out the strong relationship between the midfielder and the striker, despite Gundogan primarily operating from a deeper position. 

This highlights Gundogan’s intelligence as a player and his ability to understand the movements and needs of his teammates. Such a partnership could be highly effective and add another dimension to Arsenal’s attacking play.

“That is just showing his palette on the free-kick – the quality, the technical ability – to just put the ball where he wants to. He highlighted it quite well, defenders are so concentrated on Haaland and that gives him and the offensive midfielders the opportunity to get inside the box and to score those goals. He’s really smart, timing his runs to get inside the box. He is one of the best in the league.”

By joining Arsenal, the former Borussia Dortmund maestro has the potential to become the missing piece in the puzzle that propels them above Guardiola’s Manchester City side.

 His presence could have a transformative effect on Gabriel Jesus, enabling him to reach new heights in his performance. Together, they could form a formidable partnership that adds a new dimension to Arsenal’s play and helps them compete with and surpass Manchester City’s level of performance.

Arsenal discuss signing “one of the best” stars in the PL, he’d make Jesus unplayable 

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