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Arsenal fans demand Mikel Arteta be sacked after derby draw

Arsenal fans demand Mikel Arteta be sacked after derby draw

The only thing to say is that Mikel Arteta is a complete fraud and this entire season has been a fraud as well. Despite taking an early two-goal lead, the team stumbled to a second consecutive away draw. There is no other conclusion to draw.

Therefore, Arteta should be sacked and players like Ben White, Aaron Ramsdale, and Granit Xhaka should be sold. In fact, the entire team should be sold so that the club can start preparing for opponents in the Championship.

Future opponents like Sunderland, Burnley, West Brom, Norwich, and Swansea might be easier to face. On the bright side, relegation may provide an easier path to winning some silverware.


On the contrary…

Perhaps this underwhelming tie is just a minor setback? It’s possible that the team, which struggled to a fifth-place finish last year due to injuries, has actually exceeded expectations for almost a year, persevered through numerous injuries, and is currently leading the Premier League with its fate in its own hands.

Now, if you believe that the team has failed and that Arteta should be fired, or that certain players should be sold, then you should leave. However, if you’re a true supporter of the team and still reading, then keep going. But if you’re one of those so-called “Gooners” who have already stopped reading, then go ahead and leave. Don’t bother coming back, and perhaps you should consider supporting Man City instead.

There’s still hope for us. I envision this season being like the Rocky movies, where the underdog fights against all odds to beat a seemingly unbeatable opponent. We might be struggling, but we’re still standing, and we still have control over our future, even if it’s by a slim margin.

Yes, Saka missed a penalty, but he has a track record of bouncing back from setbacks and delivering outstanding performances. I believe in the team’s spirit and culture that Arteta has instilled, and that they’ll rise to the occasion. I’m not saying we’ll win every match, especially with some tough opponents coming up, but this draw changes the dynamics of a few of those games.

The upcoming match on April 26th is now more important than ever. This could work in our favor though. Hear me out. Man City has a busy schedule with a tough match against Bayern Munich on Wednesday, followed by an FA Cup semifinal against Sheffield United just a few days later. Then, four days after that, we play against them. That’s three significant games in just over a week for them. While we dropped points, it’s still too early to say that Man City won’t do the same. Despite having a deep squad, they could still drop points in any of these games.

Of course, it would have been ideal if we had taken all three points instead of just one. However, in an ideal world, Leicester would have won, and we would be preparing for a parade.

It’s too early to make any concrete conclusions at this point, which can be seen as both positive and negative. It would have been reassuring to have greater confidence in winning the Premier League if both us and Leicester had won. However, we still have control over our future, at least technically. The team should focus on taking each game as it comes, that’s the approach they should follow.

Arsenal fans demand Mikel Arteta be sacked after derby draw

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