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Arsenal offer £165,000-a-week ‘sensation a two-year contract

Arsenal offer £165,000-a-week ‘sensation a two-year contract

According to reports, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal and Barcelona are both keen on securing the services of Ilkay Gundogan, a midfielder from Manchester City, during the upcoming summer transfer window.

 Arsenal has reportedly made an offer to the 32-year-old German international, proposing a two-year contract. 

On the other hand, Barcelona has allegedly presented Gundogan with a three-year deal, as per the information provided by Sport, a Spanish publication.


The report suggests that Manchester City, who recently clinched the Premier League title, are also eager to retain Ilkay Gundogan. Additionally, clubs from Saudi Arabia have displayed interest in the midfielder, who is currently earning a weekly salary of £165,000 according to SalarySport.

Could Arsenal sign Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan?

In our opinion, it may prove challenging for Arsenal to persuade Ilkay Gundogan to join them at the Emirates Stadium during the upcoming summer transfer window.

We believe that the highly regarded German midfielder, who has received praise from former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher as a “sensational player,” is unlikely to leave Manchester City for another Premier League club this summer.

Considering that Manchester City has already secured the Premier League and FA Cup titles this season, there is a possibility of them adding the UEFA Champions League trophy to their achievements.

Indeed, Barcelona’s interest in Ilkay Gundogan is significant, especially considering their recent success in winning the La Liga title and their aspirations to reclaim their status as a formidable team in the UEFA Champions League under the guidance of head coach Xavi.

In our assessment, if Gundogan decides to leave Manchester City, it is more probable that he would choose Barcelona over Arsenal. Having already achieved success in the Bundesliga and the Premier League, the opportunity to vie for the La Liga title with Barcelona would likely be enticing for the German midfielder.

Arsenal offer £165,000-a-week ‘sensation a two-year contract


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