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Arsenal player ratings vs Manchester City 

Arsenal player ratings vs Manchester City 

Aaron Ramsdale: Despite being unable to prevent the goal, the individual performed admirably overall. They exhibited courage in their handling of the ball and made an outstanding save to thwart Gundogan’s attempt. Additionally, they showed great awareness by coming to the aid of Zinchenko after he lost possession to Haaland near the box. 8.

Takehiro Tomiyasu: The individual made a clear mistake when they played the ball back instead of clearing it out, resulting in the opposing team scoring a goal. Prior to that, Tomiyasu had been struggling with both his passing and marking. He improved somewhat in the second half, but unfortunately deflected the second goal, which was an unlucky outcome. However, it is anticipated that Ben White will be back in the lineup for the match at Villa Park. 5.

William Saliba: The individual provided a masterclass demonstration of how to effectively manage Erling Haaland, for the most part. They were able to match the Norwegian striker’s physicality and did not allow themselves to be intimidated. However, they were unable to prevent either of the goals scored by the opposing team. 8.


Gabriel: The individual appeared somewhat anxious in a few defensive encounters and even fell to the ground on a couple of occasions. This uneasiness persisted into the second half, where they were fortunate to have an offside called for a penalty and also made a poor pass that led to City’s second goal. Overall, this was their poorest performance in quite some time. 5.

Oleksandr Zinchenko: The individual had a strong performance in the first half and was able to effectively assist in the midfield battle by moving towards the center of the field. Their pass to Nketiah was a particular highlight of the match. However, in the second half, they appeared somewhat complacent and did not demonstrate the same level of progressiveness in their passing. 6.

Jorginho: There was concern among many when it was revealed that Thomas Partey would not be available for the game, but Jorginho proved to be an excellent acquisition, exhibiting efficiency and composure on the ball, as well as being a defensively sound player. It was an exceptional full debut performance from the Italian player. 8.

Granit Xhaka: The individual demonstrated a more offensive approach, as he had earlier in the season, particularly during the first half of the game. However, his influence waned in the second half, and he squandered a promising attacking opportunity. 6.

Martin Odegaard: The individual was unable to make the impact they desired and was not at their influential best. Although they were able to make a few decent passes, their performance overall was underwhelming. 5.

Bukayo Saka: The individual demonstrated composure under pressure and delivered an excellent penalty kick. Their relentless running forced City to modify their strategy regarding their left back.


Eddie Nketiah: The individual missed a crucial opportunity to score with a header in the first half, and his influence on the game dwindled significantly during the second half as Arsenal’s performance declined. 5.

Gabriel Martinelli:During the first half, the individual posed some difficulties for City’s defense, but their influence on the game diminished as the match progressed. As Arsenal became increasingly restricted, there was limited opportunity for the individual to alter the course of the game. 6.

Substitutes –

Leandro Trossard: The individual had a somewhat reasonable argument for a penalty, but apart from that, they did not have a significant impact on the game. Like the other attackers on the team, they also struggled to create opportunities when the ball was in the opposing team’s half. 6.

Fabio Vieira: Came on too late to influence the match. n/a.

Ben White: Came on too late to influence the match. n/a.

Arsenal player ratings vs Manchester City 

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