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 Arsenal’s best player – Martin Odegaard or Bukayo Saka

 Arsenal’s best player – Martin Odegaard or Bukayo Saka

According to Paul Merson’s opinion on GiveMeSport, Martin Odegaard, the Arsenal captain, is currently the top-performing player for the team, surpassing Bukayo Saka and William Saliba. 

The Gunners have had an outstanding season in the Premier League, with many players performing brilliantly, making it challenging to select the Player of the Season.

Paul Merson says Martin Odegaard is Arsenal’s best player

If a group of Arsenal fans were asked to name their best player of the season, it’s likely that there would be several different answers. Bukayo Saka and William Saliba are both strong contenders, with many fans likely to choose them. 


Additionally, Oleksandr Zinchenko has been performing exceptionally well as a left-back, while Ben White has also been impressive.

While there are several players who could be considered the best player for Arsenal this season, Paul Merson suggests that if he had to pick just one, he would choose Martin Odegaard. 

Merson notes that Odegaard has had an exceptional individual season for Arsenal in the Premier League.

Merson wrote: “He is a quiet leader, but he leads by example. I think he is Arsenal’s best player.

“He’s their captain and he doesn’t go round shouting the odds like some captains, but he doesn’t need to because he’s always taking responsibility on the pitch.

“His teammates respond to him and he brings people into the game at the right time.”

Martin Odegaard has proven his critics wrong this season, particularly regarding his goal-scoring abilities. One common criticism of the Norwegian player was that he didn’t score enough goals, but he has already scored 14 in the Premier League this season, an impressive feat for a midfielder.

 If he scores two more in the remaining four games, he will break the Premier League record for the most non-penalty goals scored by a midfielder in a single season, currently held by Kevin De Bruyne with 15 goals. 

While there may be differing opinions on who Arsenal’s best player is, Odegaard is certainly a strong contender for that title.

 Arsenal’s best player – Martin Odegaard or Bukayo Saka

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