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‘Blows your mind’ Leandro Trossard astounded by Arsenal man’s work ethic

‘Blows your mind’ Leandro Trossard astounded by Arsenal man’s work ethic

Leandro Trossard has expressed his amazement at the extent of Mikel Arteta’s efforts to attain perfection as the Arsenal manager, stating that it can be mind-boggling at times.

 The Belgian made these comments in an interview with Sky Sports News, before Arsenal’s upcoming match against Newcastle United on Sunday. Arsenal is hoping to narrow the gap to one point.

Certainly, irrespective of the opinions of some pundits, this season has been noteworthy for Arsenal, regardless of how it ends. It’s quite surprising that Mikel Arteta has been able to steer his team into the title race, a feat that many wouldn’t have expected.


Trossard praises Mikel Arteta

Undoubtedly, Arteta has cemented his position as a top-tier manager. Interestingly, it appears that he even astonishes some of his own players with the level of expectations he imposes.

When asked about his experience playing under Arteta, Leandro Trossard revealed that he was surprised by the high standards set by the Arsenal manager since his arrival during the January transfer window.

“He’s so detailed I would say. He doesn’t like surprises so I think he works so much on everything. He always has an answer for you ready if you have a question,” he told Sky Sports News.

“So he wants to be perfect at his job and that’s what blows your mind sometimes that he is that way. I think it gives that energy to the players as well that you want to be perfect as well. And I think he’s a top manager.”

Trossard’s remarks are not entirely surprising, given the number of instances during Arteta’s tenure where other managers would have had doubts about their decision-making. 

From an external viewpoint, there have been several instances where it appeared that Arteta was on the verge of being dismissed. 

Nevertheless, he remained true to his principles and vision for the Gunners, displaying complete faith in them. 

This approach is now bearing significant fruits, with Arsenal set to return to the Champions League next season and still having a chance to win the Premier League title this year.

‘Blows your mind’ Leandro Trossard astounded by Arsenal man’s work ethic