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‘He’d score 50 goals’: Pundit claims Arsenal’s £70m striker target is just as good as Haaland

‘He’d score 50 goals’: Pundit claims Arsenal’s £70m striker target is just as good as Haaland

Giovanni Galli, the former Napoli, AC Milan, and Italy goalkeeper, believes that Dusan Vlahovic, a striker target for Arsenal, is comparable to Erling Haaland. 

Galli suggests that if Vlahovic were to play for a Premier League powerhouse like Manchester City, he could easily score 50 goals a season. 

He emphasizes that the difference in quality between the Serbian and the Norwegian is so minimal that one would struggle to differentiate them, even with just one of Maurizio Sarri’s cigarette papers.


Arsenal has shown significant interest in Dusan Vlahovic and may soon attempt to bring the long-time target to the Premier League. This move would occur two and a half years after Juventus outmaneuvered Mikel Arteta’s side with a £70 million deal for Vlahovic.

Despite Erling Haaland’s remarkable tally of 71 goals in the last 18 months, compared to Vlahovic’s relatively lower 26, Giovanni Galli believes the gap between them would narrow considerably if Vlahovic were playing in a team capable of consistently creating scoring opportunities. 

He highlights Juventus’ proficiency in capitalizing on even the smallest openings, contrasting it with a team like Manchester City that can dismantle an opponent’s defense multiple times within a game.

“Maybe it may seem like a provocation to you but, for me, it’s not that much of a provocation,” Galli tells Tuttosport. “If I were in Guardiola’s shoes and they told me ‘You have to swap Vlahovic and Haaland’, I would do it calmly.

“Dusan has nothing to envy the Norwegian for.

“At Juventus he must take advantage of the few opportunities that come their way, because the Bianconeri are not a team that creates 10 chances every game, like City. Yet, Vlahovic is already at 12 goals despite everything.

“I’d like to see him in a more attacking team. If he were at Manchester City, he would also score 50 goals a season like Haaland. I’m sure of it.”

Despite failing to score in Sunday’s 1-0 loss against title contenders Inter Milan, Dusan Vlahovic, the former Fiorentina standout, is arguably experiencing the peak of his Juventus career. 

He has already scored six goals since the beginning of the year, showcasing impressive form. 

Among his recent goals are two remarkable long-range strikes against Sassuolo, including a powerful free-kick, which demonstrate a level of finishing that might even surpass the abilities of Erling Haaland.

“Dusan is only 23-years-old and there is still ample room for him to improve more and more. He has the right mindset. He is someone who trains really well,” Beppe Iachini, Vlahovic’s coach at Fiorentina, tells TuttoJuve.

“(Haaland and Mbappe) are two young, well-structured guys who still have ample room for improvement. (But) Haaland also has some flaws. He’s not that perfect. Dusan isn’t so far away from becoming the best in the world, given that they don’t possess his talent in many (areas).”

‘He’d score 50 goals’: Pundit claims Arsenal’s £70m striker target is just as good as Haaland

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