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Is Reuell Walters the Next Saliba for Arsenal’s Defense?

Is Reuell Walters the Next Saliba for Arsenal’s Defense?

Arsenal’s hopes of winning the Europa League and the title were ruined after William Saliba suffered an injury. 

This season, Arsenal’s success was largely due to their strong central defensive partnership, which was possibly their best since the Invincibles era. Gabriel and Saliba were a formidable duo, possessing both physicality and composure. 

Saliba was nimble like a Springbok, adept at recovering and evading pressure from the opposition. Gabriel, on the other hand, was like a lion, combining physical strength with poise. 


Both players relished physical battles while maintaining a cool and composed demeanor.

Despite Gabriel’s skills, his performance has been negatively affected by Rob Holding’s presence in the team, leading to Arsenal conceding 11 goals in their last four matches under Mikel Arteta’s leadership.

 As a result, some people are calling for Reuell Walters, an 18-year-old player, to be given a chance. 

There were even reports a few weeks ago that suggested Arsenal was considering abandoning their search for a right-back and instead placing their trust in Walters.

Who is Reuell Walters?

Arsenal journalist Layth Yousif has praised Reuell Walters as an “outstanding prospect“, and many consider him one of the most talented players to emerge from Hale End.

 Walters was given his first professional contract and featured during Arsenal’s pre-season tour, which was a clear indication that Arteta and his team have great expectations for him.

 Despite being on the bench for five consecutive Premier League matches from mid-March to mid-April, Walters has yet to make an appearance since Saliba’s injury.

It’s only a matter of time before Walters gets his chance to shine, and it could happen as early as next season. He has the skills to make an impact in the first team and deserves the opportunity.

 While his early career may draw comparisons to Sol Campbell, who also switched from Tottenham to Arsenal, it’s the current Arsenal backline that Walters reminds us of.

 Similar to Ben White, Walters can play as a right-back or centre-back, and like Takehiro Tomiyasu, he can also fill in at left-back, as he did during Arsenal’s pre-season matches.

Walters’ style of play is reminiscent of Saliba and Gabriel, the two defenders he is most comparable to. He possesses similar attributes to the duo, such as his ability to control the ball with ease, evade the press, and make runs into the opposition’s half. 

His skills were on full display during the recent FA Youth Cup final, where he impressed Football.London’s Kaya Kaynak, who noted that Walters “showed why he’s on the edge of the first team.” Walters stood out in possession, displaying impressive ball control, and he even made a remarkable run past several West Ham players to help set up Omari Benjamin’s opening goal. This play was reminiscent of Saliba’s style of play.

Saliba is known for being a tough defender to beat, with opponents only dribbling past him 0.1 times per game, which is the joint-best record of any central defender in the Premier League this season. 

Similarly, Walters demonstrated his ability to hold his own against senior professionals, as he was not dribbled past during his three appearances in the EFL Trophy this season. 

With his impressive physical abilities and exceptional composure, it’s easy to understand why there are high hopes for Walters.

 In fact, he may even be considered the next Saliba, which is an exciting prospect for Arsenal fans.

Is Reuell Walters the Next Saliba for Arsenal’s Defense?


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