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Lionel Messi could stop Edu signing £62m player at the Emirates

Lionel Messi could stop Edu signing £62m player at the Emirates

According to transfer insider Dean Jones speaking to GIVEMESPORT, Lionel Messi’s departure from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) this summer could have a negative impact on Arsenal’s pursuit of Moussa Diaby. Jones suggests that if Messi leaves PSG, it could trigger a series of transfers that ultimately prevent Arsenal from securing Diaby’s signature.

According to a report from 90min, Moussa Diaby has been a player of interest for Arsenal and their coaching staff for several years.

The report states that Diaby’s impressive performances at Bayer Leverkusen caught the attention of the Gunners, who are now closely monitoring the talented forward. Along with Newcastle United, Arsenal is rumoured to be considering a potential summer move for Diaby.


If either Arsenal or Newcastle United wants to sign Moussa Diaby, they should be prepared to spend a significant amount of money, as Bayer Leverkusen has reportedly set a price tag of £62 million on the winger.

While this may seem like a large sum for a 23-year-old player, Diaby’s impressive performances have generated high demand, with rumours suggesting that even major European clubs like PSG may show interest in him.

Speaking to GIVEMESPORT, transfer insider Jones said: “One of the problems with Messi leaving PSG this summer is that it might strengthen their desire to sign Diaby, and that would be bad news for the likes of Arsenal and Newcastle who have looked closely at that situation.

“In recent times we have started to see and hear about changes to the philosophy of PSG when it comes to signings and when Messi does leave I don’t think it’ll be a case of replacing him with another superstar, I think it will be a situation where they look to sign talent of Diaby’s type.

“There has been a level of interest there for some time but the conditions for him to arrive just haven’t been right and I do wonder if that now changes.

“He was born in Paris and contacts I speak to in France keep telling me about the fact they’re finding more players with that home connection is an important aspect of how they move forward.”

Moussa Diaby’s impressive record of 25 goal involvements this season has undoubtedly caught the attention of clubs across Europe. His productivity in front of goal is reflected in his ranking within the top 10% of wingers in Europe for non-penalty goals per match, according to Fbref.

While Diaby would be a valuable addition to Arsenal’s squad, it’s unlikely that PSG will let him leave easily, given their recent focus on acquiring the best French talent. However, the lure of playing in the Premier League, coupled with Arsenal’s qualification for the Champions League, could potentially attract the talented winger to North London.

Lionel Messi could stop Edu signing £62m player at the Emirates

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