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Mikel Arteta has an ‘outstanding’ Arsenal striker alternative if he puts stubbornness aside

Mikel Arteta has an ‘outstanding’ Arsenal striker alternative if he puts stubbornness aside

Kai Havertz doesn’t appear to be the permanent answer as a striker, so continuing to experiment with him in the No. 8 position while Eddie Nketiah struggles seems impractical.

“He was superb. The way he pressed and how intelligent he is to try and understand certain spaces and the timing of it, he was great and got in great positions to score,” said Mikel Arteta.

Three months into the project, Havertz’s performance in the Premier League has been lackluster, with just one penalty goal and one assist for a simple pass to Gabriel Martinelli against Manchester City.


His contributions have largely been forgettable, drowned out by ridicule from rival fans. This questionable transfer hasn’t yielded many positive results so far.

While there were glimpses of improvement and undeniable effort in the recent match against Newcastle, he failed to create any chances in the absence of Martin Odegaard and came close to receiving a red card.

Arteta has attempted to shield him from the frontline by placing him on the bench this season.

However, the one unexplored option is to place him in a more prominent attacking role, which he previously excelled in – a move he advocated for in August. Opting for him over Nketiah, who has limitations, might be worth a shot, especially with Arsenal facing a potential third consecutive defeat, a situation they haven’t encountered since April 2022.

The team’s recent track record of just four shots on target over two games should prompt a change.

In a previous statement from June, it was highlighted that “Arsenal need a finisher.” Even Manchester City, after years of various tactics, recognized the utmost importance of a player who consistently scores goals.

With Arsenal’s struggles in front of the net this season, the ‘goals for’ column, excluding five goals against Championship side Sheffield United, positions them in a mid-table standing.

As of November, Havertz doesn’t seem to be the long-term solution to this goal-scoring issue, just as he wasn’t in June. Nonetheless, he could serve as a short-term upgrade over Nketiah, who shouldn’t be initiating games in the Champions League for Arsenal.

If not Havertz, another potential option could be Leandro Trossard, but fielding the young English striker against Sevilla would be a stubborn move on Arteta’s part, akin to Ange Postecoglou’s persistence.

Mikel Arteta has an ‘outstanding’ Arsenal striker alternative if he puts stubbornness aside

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