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Mikel Arteta sends six word transfer message to Josh Kroenke as Arsenal title hopes are ended

Mikel Arteta sends six word transfer message to Josh Kroenke as Arsenal title hopes are ended

Visitors to the Emirates Stadium during this season may have noticed a strange occurrence. In the past, when Arsenal conceded a goal, fans would typically express their disappointment with murmurs of discontent, as was the case during the eras of Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery.

However, this season, there has been a noticeable increase in support from the Gunners faithful, with each setback being met with a loud cry of “come on” in an effort to motivate the team.

However, on Sunday, when Brighton scored their first goal, the crowd’s response was one of quiet acceptance rather than their usual fervent support.


The lack of energy in the stadium could be attributed to Manchester City’s recent triumphs, which have all but secured their fifth Premier League title in six years. The lackluster performance by Arsenal during the match likely did not help to boost the crowd’s enthusiasm either.

The current situation for Arsenal was not what was expected. Following their resolute win against Newcastle last week, many believed they were capable of challenging Manchester City for the title. However, it now seems highly unlikely. Given the size of the task ahead and the relatively inexperienced squad, most supporters may accept this outcome. However, Mikel Arteta holds a different view.

When Mikel Arteta faced the press after his team’s worst home defeat of the season, he seemed furious. Previously, following losses, he had expressed his love for his players and suggested that critics should target him instead. However, this time, he was not as willing to shield himself from criticism.

“We fought really hard to be in the position that we are in and today we were in a critical moment to keeping hoping and digging for that dream,” he said in his post-match press conference.

“When you have to play in these moments you cannot do what we did in the second half. Then we have to look. If a team is capable of doing that when it comes to the biggest stage, there’s a lot of things to analyse and think about because it cannot happen.”

With the passage of time, Mikel Arteta may come to appreciate the progress that his team has made this season. Many believed that Arsenal would not even secure a top-four finish, let alone compete for the title. However, as he looks ahead to next season, which includes the demands of Champions League football, Arteta is already cognizant of what adjustments need to be made.

“With the level that is required for the Premier League and to fight for the Champions League, the way we have to fight for the Champions League, there’s a lot to think about,” he said. Those final six words feel like a thinly veiled message to the watching Josh Kroenke and the Arsenal board. If Arteta is to close the gap to City and his former mentor Pep Guardiola, then he is going to need reinforcements.

Based on this season’s evidence, it is difficult to argue with Arteta’s assessment. There have been only a few instances where Arsenal’s tactical approach has been outplayed by their opponents. However, the team’s downfall has been their inability to maintain their level of play. The gap in quality between the first-team players and the reserves is still too significant in certain areas of the squad, which has hindered their progress. To continue to build on this season’s accomplishments, Arsenal must find a way to bridge that gap.

Mikel Arteta sends six word transfer message to Josh Kroenke as Arsenal title hopes are ended

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