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Mikel Arteta slammed for behaving like a ‘petulant, over-entitled child’

Mikel Arteta slammed for behaving like a ‘petulant, over-entitled child’

Ange Postecoglou received commendation for his remarks after Tottenham’s 4-1 defeat to Chelsea on Monday evening.

The Australian manager observed his team’s first Premier League loss in a match marked by chaos, including two red cards, five disallowed goals, and a daring tactical shift after Cristian Romero and Destiny Udogie were sent off.

Despite an almost remarkable outcome due to Spurs’ bold approach, Nicolas Jackson’s late hat-trick secured a victory for the visiting team.


Postecoglou maintained an honest and introspective stance in his remarks afterward, choosing not to attribute blame to the officiating despite one of the most eventful matches in recent memory.

“No, I’ve already said that whatever decision they’ve made, they’ve made.” The Spurs manager said. “At some point, we have to accept the referee’s decision. That’s how I grew up.

“This constant erosion of referees’ authority, this is what the game is going to get: they will not have any authority, it is going to get diminished and we are going to be in the control of someone a few miles away watching a TV screen.

“The decision’s the decision – you either accept it or you don’t. Trust me, in 26 years I’ve had plenty of bad ones and I’ve had plenty that have fallen in my favour. It is what it is.”

Postecoglou’s authentic assessment has earned him praise and drawn parallels to Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s response to the Gunners’ 1-0 loss to Newcastle on Saturday.

Arteta, following Anthony Gordon’s winning goal, launched a vehement critique of English referees, denouncing the controversial goal as an “absolute disgrace.”

“This is nowhere near the [refereeing] level to describe this as the best league in the world.” The Arsenal boss added. “I feel sick to be part of this.”

Mail Sport’s Oliver Holt called the Spurs manager a reflective leader, writing on X, formerly Twitter: “Postecoglou’s reaction tonight to decisions that went against him was a striking contrast to Arteta’s on Saturday.

“Arteta behaved like a petulant, over-entitled child. Postecoglou behaved like an [intelligent], reflective leader. I know which of them I’d want in charge of my club.”

Former England striker Michael Owen wrote: “If every manager was this gracious our game wouldn’t be in the mess it is. Managers have a huge responsibility to protect the game instead of whipping their fans up into a frenzy with biased nonsense.”

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville responded to a video clip featuring the former Celtic manager, commending the message that urged Premier League managers to “just focus on managing their football clubs” with a simple expression: “Class.”

Previously, Neville and fellow Sky Sports colleague Jamie Carragher had criticized Arsenal for supporting Mikel Arteta’s strong comments in a club statement following their defeat. This statement echoed a similar stance taken by Liverpool earlier in the season, calling for action after a VAR error in their match against Tottenham.

Neville wrote: “Arsenal and Liverpool ‘s statements are wrong. Do it privately. Managers and players make far more mistakes than refs!”

“This is not a moment to jump on the bandwagon with VAR and just batter people at Stockley Park and the officials because that’s not right.” Said Carragher ahead of the Reds’ game against Luton on Sunday.

Mikel Arteta is slammed for behaving like a ‘petulant, over-entitled child’

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