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‘Needs to go’: Arsenal fans are now begging Mikel Arteta to drop ‘struggling’ £30m player

 ‘Needs to go’: Arsenal fans are now begging Mikel Arteta to drop ‘struggling’ £30m player

Following another challenging performance against Newcastle United, numerous Arsenal supporters are now urging Mikel Arteta to bench David Raya. 

Arteta had replaced Aaron Ramsdale with the Spanish goalkeeper at the end of the summer, a decision that has sparked controversy from the beginning.

While Raya was initially seen as a better option due to his distribution skills, other aspects of his performance are now facing intense scrutiny.


 The £30 million goalkeeper found himself caught out under Joe Willock’s cross in the recent game, leading to Newcastle’s disputed winning goal.

Arsenal fans are highlighting this as just one in a series of lapses in judgment Raya has exhibited since joining the team. 

Many of these supporters are questioning Arteta’s perspective on Raya being an improvement over Ramsdale at Arsenal and are struggling to comprehend the reasoning behind this choice.

Arsenal fans call for Arteta to drop Raya

A frustrated fan voiced their sentiment on Twitter, stating, “David Raya needs to go.”

Another fan acknowledged that while they initially considered Raya an improvement over Ramsdale, they observed the keeper “struggling in areas where he previously excelled.”

And there were just a lot of fans stating: “Ramsdale [is a] better keeper than Raya.”

It’s a challenging situation; Raya appears to be feeling the weight of sudden high expectations at Arsenal. While it’s hard for some to see Ramsdale on the bench, swapping goalkeepers again might escalate the chaos even more.

Finding the right balance is tough, but it seems to be a situation Arteta deliberately aimed for, believing it will ultimately benefit the club. 

Although Arsenal fans hold differing opinions regarding Raya’s arrival, trusting Arteta’s strategy, which has brought the club this far, might be crucial.

Eddie Nkeitah is another player facing criticism after the Newcastle defeat due to inconsistent performances this season, leading to frustration among supporters. This situation will likely intensify speculation about the potential arrival of Ivan Toney at Arsenal in January. 

Toney has been strongly linked with the club, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Arsenal takes more concrete steps regarding any interest in him soon.

 ‘Needs to go’: Arsenal fans are now begging Mikel Arteta to drop ‘struggling’ £30m player

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