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Oleksandr Zinchenko reveals Arsenal duo who ‘never pass the ball’

Oleksandr Zinchenko reveals Arsenal duo who ‘never pass the ball’

Arsenal’s talented player Oleksandr Zinchenko playfully remarked that Martin Odegaard and Rob Holding tend to withhold passing the ball to their fellow teammates during matches. 

Zinchenko, known for his humor among the Arsenal squad, frequently engages in banter and teasing with his colleagues. Recently, it was Holding and Odegaard who became the subject of his playful remarks. 

The light-hearted incident took place during a friendly game of Fantasy Football Showdown on the Ultimate Champions Youtube channel, where Zinchenko, Holding, and William Saliba were participating.


Oleksandr Zinchenko jokes two Arsenal players ‘never pass the ball’

If you consider successful passing at Arsenal, Martin Odegaard is undoubtedly one of the first players that comes to mind.

 This season, the Norwegian has been arguably the Gunners’ most outstanding player. As the team’s captain, he has led by example, showcased brilliant performances on the field, and played a significant role in keeping Mikel Arteta’s side at the top of the table for an extended period.

When you excel at passing the ball, it is reflected in your statistics, particularly in terms of the number of touches you have on the ball. Odegaard ranks among the highest in this category at Arsenal, and Zinchenko believes he knows the reason behind it.

During a card game, Zinchenko identified Leandro Trossard’s 55 touches against Leeds United as the most in that particular match. However, when the host mentioned having Odegaard’s card, Zinchenko acknowledged and responded:

“He has more!”

He then joked: “He never pass the ball, he never pass the ball!”

When Holding won a round for the most touches later in the game, Zinchneko once again joked: “That’s what I’m saying, you never pass the ball!”

Zinchenko’s remark was clearly meant as a joke, highlighting his humorous side. The Ukrainian player has brought a positive energy to Arsenal since joining the club. His ability to lighten the atmosphere behind the scenes is a valuable asset, but when he is serious, few players can match his leadership qualities and determination to succeed.

It is unfortunate that Arsenal came extremely close to winning the title this season but fell short. Their disappointing results against Liverpool, West Ham, Southampton, Brighton, and Nottingham Forest proved costly in their pursuit of the championship. However, they will undoubtedly use these setbacks as learning experiences.

With players like Zinchenko and Odegaard in their ranks, Arsenal can certainly be expected to be competitive once again in the upcoming season. They have the talent and potential to be among the top contenders.

Oleksandr Zinchenko reveals Arsenal duo who ‘never pass the ball’