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‘Overrated’ Arsenal star slammed as ‘waste of time’ by ex-Spurs manager

‘Overrated’ Arsenal star slammed as ‘waste of time’ by ex-Spurs manager

Former Tottenham Hotspur coach Tim Sherwood has heavily criticized Arsenal’s player Kai Havertz.

Kai Havertz has faced a challenging beginning to his time at Arsenal. Despite his £65 million move from Chelsea to the Emirates Stadium in the summer, the 24-year-old has struggled to make an immediate impact.

Mikel Arteta had significant intentions for Havertz. While he predominantly operated as a forward for Chelsea, the German is now being deployed more often in a midfield position for the Gunners.


On paper, Havertz possesses the qualities required to excel in the midfield. When brimming with confidence and performing at his peak, he showcases technical prowess and a strong physical presence, capable of winning battles, delivering penetrating passes, and posing a goal-scoring threat by arriving late into the box.

However, Arsenal supporters have yet to witness much of these abilities from Havertz in the current season. It appears he’s severely lacking in confidence and not fully expressing his capabilities on the field.

Arteta likely retains belief that Havertz can turn things around. Nevertheless, Tim Sherwood appears to have already dismissed the player entirely.

Tim Sherwood blasts Arsenal struggler Kai Havertz

Speaking to Premier League Productions (06/11/23, 17:05), he said, “Havertz, for me, is a complete waste of time. I just don’t know what he is. I am not sure what he is, at all.”

“Is he a ten? A nine? He certainly isn’t an eight. It looks like he runs around. He thinks he is too cool to sweat. I think there are better options.”

“If that was a kid making his debut, from what I saw at the weekend, but on a consistent basis if a kid goes in and performs like he performs, you would never see him again. That is an overrated player.”

It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to imply that Sherwood lacks tactical expertise. However, his failure to imagine a scenario where Havertz could thrive likely isn’t a big enough issue to prompt Arteta to reconsider his plans for the player.

Similarly, there isn’t a real basis to doubt Havertz’s work ethic. While things might be challenging for Havertz at the moment, he’s still actively engaging in pressing and participating in challenges. 

Although he may not be the fastest player on the field, he ensures he’s consistently positioned to maintain Arsenal’s defensive structure when they’re without the ball. The notion that he’s unwilling to put in effort doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.’

Indeed, it’s evident that Havertz has not met the anticipated performance levels during his tenure at the north London club. Presently, the fans continue to support him, hoping for improvement, but there’s a clear necessity for him to elevate his game soon.

‘Overrated’ Arsenal star slammed as ‘waste of time’ by ex-Spurs manager

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