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Ramsdale confirms after-victory altercation with Spurs fan

Ramsdale confirms after-victory altercation with Spurs fan

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale stated that he was assaulted by a fan shortly after his team’s 2-0 victory against Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League on Sunday.

Ramsdale was the man of the match because he repeatedly held Tottenham at bay and clashed with several Spurs players.

Richarlison had an altercation with Ramsdale after the final whistle, after which a Tottenham fan appeared to climb the advertising boards and kick the 24-year-old player.


“Throughout the game, Spurs fans gave me some,” Ramsdale told Sky Sports. “I was returning some. The people I did give it to responded with sportsmanlike behavior, but one fan attempted to punch me in the back.

“Unfortunately, it is only a football game at the end of the day. Both teams attempted to remove me, but thankfully nothing serious occurred. It has a sour flavor, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy it when we return to the locker room.”

According to the Metropolitan Police, investigations are ongoing and no arrests have been made.

The English Football Association stated that they “strongly condemn” the incident of “entirely unacceptable behavior,” and the Professional Footballers’ Association added that such incidents occur too frequently.

“Players have the right to work in a safe environment,” the PFA said in a statement. “When a player is attacked, we anticipate that the laws designed to protect players will be enforced appropriately.

“As the players’ union, we consider this a top priority. We will continue to work with the authorities to demand enhanced workplace safety for players and employees.”

In a statement issued shortly after the match, Spurs promised to take action.

“The Club has reviewed its CCTV footage to identify the fan and will work with the Metropolitan Police, Arsenal, and Aaron Ramsdale to take the most severe action possible, including an immediate ban from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium,” Tottenham said.

Antonio Conte, coach of the Spurs, stated he did not witness the Ramsdale incident.

“Respect must be shown at all times,” he added. “If we desire respect, we must demonstrate respect. If it occurred, I certainly did not like it.”

Ramsdale played a significant role in Arsenal’s masterful performance against Tottenham, which resulted in an eight-point gap between the club and runner-up Manchester City in the Premier League standings.

“The manager also mentioned that we hadn’t kept a clean sheet in the last few North London derbies, so that pushed me a bit,” he added.

Ramsdale confirms after-victory altercation with Spurs fan

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