HomeTransfersReal Madrid have already held internal discussions about £158,000-a-week Arsenal man 

Real Madrid have already held internal discussions about £158,000-a-week Arsenal man 

Real Madrid have already held internal discussions about £158,000-a-week Arsenal man 

Officials within the leadership of Real Madrid have reportedly been talking about Mikel Arteta‘s influence at Arsenal while initiating their quest for a new manager.

 It’s anticipated that the Galacticos and Carlo Ancelotti will go their separate ways in the upcoming summer, with Ancelotti possibly heading to manage the Brazilian national team. 

Arteta doesn’t seem to be a primary contender for the Real Madrid managerial position, but his name has been brought up for discussion nonetheless.


Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, is regarded as one of the premier managers globally. 

Despite not having secured victories in the Premier League or the Champions League to date, his accomplishments at Arsenal, especially considering it was his inaugural managerial role, are truly impressive.

When Arteta assumed the role at Arsenal, the team was performing poorly. 

He undertook the challenging task of entirely revamping the club over the years, successfully elevating Arsenal to be genuine contenders for significant titles.

Miguel Delaney stated in his newsletter this week that Real Madrid is considering Xabi Alonso, who happens to be the same age as Arteta.

The journalist asserts that despite Bayer Leverkusen manager Xabi Alonso’s relatively limited experience, there aren’t significant worries about this, pointing to discussions among Real Madrid’s officials about the influence Mikel Arteta has had at Arsenal.

Speaking about Alonso, Delaney wrote: “It would be quite a quick leap in the 41-year-old’s managerial career to take such a job, but there isn’t much concern at the Bernabeu.

“They had already been discussing Mikel Arteta’s impact at Arsenal despite the fact this is his first job. They believe Alonso is more than capable of similar.” 

During the initial two and a half years of Mikel Arteta’s tenure at Arsenal, despite facing significant challenges, the club had multiple opportunities to dismiss him.

Stan and Josh Kroenke encountered substantial pressure from certain fans, pundits, and the media to part ways with the Spanish manager, who earns £158,000-a-week. However, they chose to maintain their confidence in him, a decision that is currently proving to be rewarding.

It appears that several other clubs are observing and emulating Arsenal’s approach. There’s a trend of granting managers more time, as evidenced by the situations of Erik ten Hag at Manchester United and Mauricio Pochettino at Chelsea.

Whether accepted or not, Arsenal’s approach under Arteta has set a new precedent for other managers in the Premier League.

Real Madrid have already held internal discussions about £158,000-a-week Arsenal man 

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