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Results to crown Arsenal as Premier League champions as dream scenario emerges

Results to crown Arsenal as Premier League champions as dream scenario emerges

Arsenal’s current situation hinges on hope as they aim to win the Premier League title by securing three consecutive victories while relying on Manchester City to stumble at least twice.

However, the Gunners are displaying signs of taking full advantage if the latter scenario does occur. Despite a winless streak of four games, including 2-2 draws against Liverpool and West Ham United despite leading 2-0 in both matches, they bounced back with wins against Chelsea and Newcastle United.

By defeating Newcastle United, Mikel Arteta’s team remain within striking distance of Man City, even though they have played one more game. According to the Spaniard, this performance sends a message to the league leaders that they are not giving up hope of winning the title.


“That we are there, that we want to keep digging,” he said in the post-match press conference.

“The prize is there, not too far. The only thing we can do is keep insisting and not turn our backs and lose focus on something else. Be determined every single day. Let’s keep going and see what happens.

Arteta is likely aware that each fixture that goes by with a Man City win makes it increasingly difficult for the Gunners to win the Premier League title, as they are dependent on other teams to take points off their main rivals.

This is the first time since the Invincibles season of 2003/04 that Arsenal has a chance to be crowned champions, and they recognize the need to perform at their best while hoping for other results to go their way.

Sam Allardyce’s attempts to motivate Leeds United fell short as they failed to secure a win against Man City on Saturday, and despite a consolation goal from Rodrigo, it means that Arsenal’s goal difference now trails Man City’s by 14, which could be a significant factor if both teams finish on the same number of points.

Arsenal can achieve a maximum of 90 points, while Pep Guardiola’s team can reach 94 if they win all of their remaining four matches. Their current cushion, combined with their superior goal difference, means that they can afford to lose up to four points and still clinch the title.

In essence, Man City only need to earn eight more points to secure their third consecutive Premier League title. This translates to three more wins or two wins and two draws. At this stage, all Arsenal can do is focus on winning their remaining games and hope that the upcoming Champions League fixtures will affect the title race in their favor.

However, when examining each team’s run-in, there is a potential dream scenario for Arteta. Arsenal’s remaining fixtures are against Brighton & Hove Albion, Nottingham Forest, and Wolves, while City will host Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium and play away matches against Everton, Brighton, and Brentford.

It is noteworthy that if the results from the previous encounters between the teams are repeated, Arsenal would win the Premier League trophy because they won all of their games while City defeated Chelsea and Brighton but drew against Everton and lost to Brentford.

However, considering the form of Guardiola’s team at present, it seems improbable that they will drop the necessary five points for Arsenal to become champions. Nevertheless, the fact that Everton and Brentford have the potential to cause upsets provides a faint hope for a twist in the title race.

Results to crown Arsenal as Premier League champions as dream scenario emerges