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‘The Best’: Paul Merson Makes Thomas Partey And Casemiro Claim

‘The Best’: Paul Merson Makes Thomas Partey And Casemiro Claim

Paul Merson praised Thomas Partey as an exceptional player for Arsenal, comparing him to Manchester United’s Casemiro and regarding them both as top-tier holding midfielders.

The pundit considers them to be the best in their position. With Partey’s injury, Arsenal fans were hoping for his speedy recovery, as he is a crucial player in their pursuit of the Premier League title.

It was a coincidence that whenever Manchester City came to play, the 29-year-old player would get injured and be unable to play. This absence was noticeable.


However, Jorginho was able to replace the missing player in Arsenal’s defense and performed well despite the pressure.

Merson believes that Jorginho can fill in for Partey occasionally, but it cannot be a long-term solution for Arsenal.

On if Arsenal’s title hopes hinge on Partey being fit: “I think they have someone in Jorginho to come on and step in,” said Merson.

“I would say Thomas Partey needs to be there. I wouldn’t say Jorginho to play ten on the trot. But to come in and do a good job.

“For me, this lad is a very special player. I think he is the best holding midfield player around, at the moment. Him and Casemiro, if I am being honest.”

Over the weekend, Arsenal won in a thrilling match against Bournemouth, who are currently in danger of being relegated.

Arsenal initially trailed by two goals and their fans were worried, especially as the second goal was scored in the 57th minute.

However, Partey helped to start the team’s comeback just five minutes later, and Reiss Nelson, a young player from Arsenal’s academy, scored the winning goal, which was a highlight of his career so far.

While Arsenal faces tough matches against Liverpool and Manchester City next month, their games in March should result in maximum points. If they don’t perform well in March, April will be even more challenging for them.

‘The Best’: Paul Merson Makes Thomas Partey And Casemiro Claim


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