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Thierry Henry reveals stance on taking Arsenal manager’s job one day

Thierry Henry reveals stance on taking Arsenal manager’s job one day

When questioned about his interest in potentially becoming the Arsenal manager in the future, Thierry Henry offered a discreet reply, emphasizing his profound admiration for Mikel Arteta.

Thierry Henry, widely cherished as one of the iconic figures in Arsenal’s history, made a significant impact with 228 goals and 103 assists in 377 appearances for the club, contributing to their conquest of two Premier League titles and two FA Cups.

Considering Henry’s enduring connection with Arsenal, many have speculated that the 46-year-old may eventually assume the managerial role at the club, especially since he has ventured into coaching.


Henry, who has served as an assistant coach for Belgium on two occasions, recently took the helm of the France U21s during the summer and is set to guide the French Olympic team at the 2024 Games.

Additionally, the former striker has prior experience as the head coach of Ligue 1 club Monaco and Major League Soccer outfit Montreal Impact.

During his recent appearance on The Rest is Football podcast, Henry was asked by Micah Richards if he could envision himself eventually assuming the managerial role at Arsenal.

Richards emphasized that his question wasn’t intended to generate sensational headlines.

“It will make headlines!” Henry said.

“One time, I was stupid enough to say it’s the dream of any fan. They said Thierry Henry wants to be manager of Arsenal.”

Following this, Richards drew a parallel to the situation with Vincent Kompany, the manager of Burnley, who has received support from Pep Guardiola to potentially one day assume the Manchester City managerial position.

He inquired if a similar scenario existed with Henry and Arsenal.

“It’s very difficult for me to say that because when I say something about Arsenal, it goes places,” Henry added.

“I have mad respect for Mikel. He’s done extremely well in the last two years. I have realised when it comes to talking about coaching, talking about Arsenal… I have too much respect for the overall situation.

“Otherwise, Mikel will be asked, ‘Thierry Henry said…’ – you don’t need this type of question in a press conference. We don’t need to do that!”

When discussing his aspirations in coaching and management in a broader sense, as well as his preference between staying within the French national team setup with the goal of succeeding Didier Deschamps or returning to the realm of club football, Henry stated: “Whatever level it is, for me, improving players is what I love the most.

“People will say, ‘Oh, yeah, great, amazing…’ – but I swear, I remember more the coaches who made me smarter than the ones who made me win.

“When I talk about Pep Guardiola, I talk about what he gave me, not what we won.

“Also there was a Brazilian coach when I was young, I was 13, he said, ‘Thierry, today you cannot use your speed, you have to work on your movement’ – another time, he said I could not pass the ball back. You have to find a way.

“I will always remember that guy and I speak to him until now, I value that.”

Thierry Henry reveals stance on taking Arsenal manager’s job one day

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