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What Aaron Ramsdale did after Gabriel Jesus’ goal yesterday that really angered Wolves fans

What Aaron Ramsdale did after Gabriel Jesus’ goal yesterday that really angered Wolves fans

In the second half of Arsenal’s 5-0 victory over Wolves, Aaron Ramsdale, the Arsenal player, did something that would greatly please West Brom fans. The Arsenal team, led by Mikel Arteta, concluded the season in an impressive manner. 

Despite a poor performance in their recent nine matches, where they only managed to win three, they displayed a remarkable performance on the last day of the season and overwhelmed Wolves.

According to Football London, Ramsdale had relatively little involvement in making saves during the match. Therefore, he utilized his time to purposely frustrate the opposing fans instead.


Arsenal’s West Brom fan Aaron Ramsdale angered Wolves fans

Wolves had a truly dreadful performance yesterday. Arsenal began the game exceptionally, scoring two goals within the first 14 minutes courtesy of Granit Xhaka’s double. From that point on, it was a smooth sailing for Arsenal, as they added three more goals, with Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Jesus, and Jakub Kiwior all getting on the scoresheet.

As is customary for away fans, the Wolves supporters decided to taunt the Arsenal goalkeeper who was positioned right in front of them. However, Ramsdale didn’t simply ignore their jeers and carry on.

Being a lifelong supporter of West Bromwich Albion, Ramsdale considers Wolves to be their biggest rivals. That’s why, when he had the chance last night, he decided to respond to the Wolves fans in kind.

According to the report, Ramsdale imitated the mannerisms and chants of West Brom fans, engaging in a mock celebration. After Gabriel Jesus scored in the second half, he energetically jumped up and down while making mocking gestures towards the away fans.

The Wolves fans were well aware of Ramsdale’s intentions and they were not particularly pleased with his actions.

Wolves and West Brom have a heated rivalry, and the fans of these two clubs hold a strong dislike for each other.

Considering Ramsdale became a fan of West Brom during their remarkable survival season in 2004/05, he likely derived extra enjoyment from the result of the match last night, and it’s understandable.

However, it’s important for upset Wolves fans, who may not regularly watch Arsenal’s matches, to understand that Ramsdale displays similar behavior towards all sets of away fans, not just them.

That’s simply his personality, and Arsenal fans have a great fondness for him because of it.

What Aaron Ramsdale did after Gabriel Jesus’ goal yesterday that really angered Wolves fans

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