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Why Gabriel Martinelli shouted at William Saliba in Arsenal win as Arteta opposed fan chants

 Why Gabriel Martinelli shouted at William Saliba in Arsenal win as Arteta opposed fan chants

Arsenal easily secured a comfortable win at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday against Sheffield United, making it seem like a practice session of attack against defense due to the latter’s minimal impact throughout the game.

Despite the one-sided nature of the match, there were noteworthy events that occurred before and during the game which might have escaped the attention of fans, especially considering the game wasn’t broadcasted in the UK. 

Fortunately, ArsenalBrief has uncovered some of these moments that took place off-camera.


While Arsenal showcased their ability to dominate the game, there were still intriguing occurrences beyond the scoreline.

 These included frustrated wingers, an anxious manager, and a sense that the team’s performance wasn’t flawless, despite their control. Simultaneously, a significant milestone was achieved by a graduate from Hale End, marking a special first for them.

Saka leads the team talk as captain

Wearing the captain’s armband for the first time can be a challenging task, especially for a young player like Bukayo Saka. The role of a captain carries various expectations and responsibilities, demanding that the winger deliver guidance to players much more seasoned than himself.

Prior to the game, Saka fulfilled one of his pivotal duties, which included delivering the pre-match team talk. 

On the field, amidst the team huddle, observers noted the 22-year-old leading an inspiring speech, with his teammates evidently buying into the words of their youthful leader.

Martinelli shouts at Saliba

During the early phase of the game, Arsenal encountered difficulties in penetrating Sheffield United’s defense. 

The primary threats were evident on the flanks, where Saka and Gabriel Martinelli persistently challenged the opposition’s full-backs. Martinelli’s skill and speed, in particular, seemed to trouble the opposition.

It was apparent that Martinelli was aware of this, frequently making rapid runs into open spaces down the left whenever Arsenal had possession.

 However, he became visibly frustrated as he received inadequate passes. At one point, as William Saliba hesitated around the halfway line, Martinelli’s forward movement went unnoticed, leading the 22-year-old to express his frustration by throwing his hands up and shouting back at his teammate due to the missed opportunity.

Arteta clashes with fan expectations

The atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium was notably subdued and chilly despite Arsenal’s commanding performance. The home side held the lion’s share of possession while the visiting team struggled to make any significant impact.

Despite the crowd’s encouragement for a quicker offensive approach from the Gunners, Mikel Arteta was visibly displeased with this notion. The Spanish manager consistently displayed his frustration through gestures whenever Arsenal attempted long balls instead of opting for available shorter passes to build their attacks.

Arteta’s preferred style of play was evident, and credit goes to the team for adhering to it. Arsenal’s goals resulted from well-constructed attacks that either created key scoring opportunities, such as Nketiah’s first and third goals, or originated from a corner, leading to the forward’s second goal.

 Why Gabriel Martinelli shouted at William Saliba in Arsenal win as Arteta opposed fan chants

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